Thank you for your service!

We appreciate the service the people in our armed services, law enforcement agencies and first responders give to our country and communities.

All active or retired Military, Law Enforcement or first responders are eligible for discounted pricing on select products from the following manufacturers & brands:

Our small but growing program discounts select products from these brands ONLY:

  • XM42 Flamethrowers when available
  • PGS Manufacturing
  • Select Gear Head Works products
  • Select SB Tactical products

The discount varies by brand and item. Please note, the discount will not apply to bundled items such as brace/mag packages because we will have already discounted the items as far as possible.

At this time, we are unable to offer discounts on items or brands not mentioned on this page. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Discounts are calculated from the full price of the item. If a current sale price is lower than the discounted price would be, we just go with the sale price

To participate, please email proof of service to We can accept:

  • Current law enforcement commission card/badge
  • Current retired law enforcement credentials
  • Letter on official agency letterhead stating the officer/agent is active or retired from agency
  • Copy of official federal agent business card (Law prohibits photocopying of Federal ID)
  • Military personnel: Picture of ID, VA Card, DD-214, or similar. If there is sensitive information on your ID, please feel free to obscure that part of it. Active military – if unable to provide an image of your ID, please send us an email from your current and valid .mil email address, and that will suffice.

Please note, orders must be placed over the phone, we don't use discount codes. Discounts can only be applied before an order is paid.

We are available Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm Central Time. Please call 1-888-462-GUNS (4867), and select Option 1 for Sales.  

See our page of discounted PGS and XM42 products here:

Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Contractors, and Service Deployment Orders:

We can possibly work out a discount providing that we can easily get the quantity of product needed for the required order. Please contact us with information on what you need, and we will be happy to assist if we are able.