Griffin Armament Optimus 9 Modular Suppressor - Black 9mm

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The Optimus is a Modular Suppressor that can be used on 9mm pistols as well as rifles dependant on the mounts used. 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Years ago Griffin Armament introduced a market changing product, the Optimus® suppressor. This suppressor could be used on both a handgun, as well as a rifle, and was modular for length, modular for mounting system, and was able to be taken apart for user maintenance. Despite the Optimus’ success Griffin has researched and engineered several new technologies that it is proud to incorporate into the new second generation Optimus® suppressor. These new features will ensure that the Optimus® suppressor remains at the forefront of the universal suppressor category.

Universal suppressors, such as the Griffin Optimus® 9 and Bushwhacker® 46, are capable of use on tilt barrel semi-automatic pistols as well as sub guns, fixed barrel firearms, and rifles covering nearly all popular commercial cartridges and firearm combinations. The Optimus® was engineered with an ideal 1.375” outside diameter which makes it well suited to pistols equipped with factory sights vs traditional rifle silencers typically being 1.5” or greater in diameter, such as the case with the Bushwhacker® 46.   With the booster piston housing for tilt barrel pistols installed, the Optimus® suppressor is an ideal 6.6” long and a mobile 12oz weight, despite it’s incredibly strong 17-4 stainless steel construction. This size and weight combination is ideal for 9mm pistols.

The 2nd Gen Optimus is fitted from the factory with Griffin’s patent pending Universal QD Piston System. This unique pistol attachment system is comprised of 2 parts, the piston and the separately available barrel adapter. Adapters are made with different barrel thread pitches ensuring all your handguns, both American and European models can be equipped to quickly attach and detach your suppressor. This deletes the need to constantly reconfigure the booster piston when going from one handgun to another. Additionally, this system secures the suppressor to the pistol by way of a taper locking feature which ensures that common baffle and end cap strikes often associated to pistol suppressors are nearly eliminated. Legacy, fixed pistons allow market suppressors to unthread from the host firearm during use due to the lack of a solution to confront the innate vibration involved with the reciprocation and oscillation of the slide, barrel, suppressor, and sprung piston system. This attachment method provides a solution to this age old problem providing quick, secure mounting ability, universal cross adaptation between handguns, and eliminating wasted time and some cost configuring the suppressor back and forth with more expensive parts.

The Optimus® retains the ability to use the Low Profile 3 Lug System for fixed barrel firearms. The existing A2 adapter also still functions with new Gen 2 Optimus® ensuring AR15 firearms can be fitted with a logical mounting option. Additionally included is a Taper Mount Adapter and EZ-Brake™ (no timing required), which provides an accurate out of the box system that Griffin end users typically apply to rifles of all categories. The taper mount system is a mainstay of the Griffin product line and has been proven over a decade of use. Various mounts are available offering different performance benefits depending on end user desires.

Wrench flats were added to the tube body in response to customer requests to make the suppressor easier to work with when changing configurations or maintaining the baffle assembly. The baffle assembly is serviced by removing the unchanged patented dual locking taper front cap system. This front cap system secures the suppressor contents within the suppressor regardless of rapid fire and heating and cooling, but also allows quick and easy removal for maintenance.

Included with the Gen 2 Optimus® is the new ECO-FLOW™ baffle system. Costly R&D resources were spent to develop the patent pending ECO-FLOW™ baffle technology for use in applicable Griffin designs.  This baffle system provides reduced back pressure, greater structural strength, longer service life, and up to 9db sound pressure reduction vs original version Optimus® baffle systems. Original gen 1 Optimus® suppressors are compatible with ECO-FLOW™ systems should current users desire upgrades in the future.   The blast baffle remains unchanged other than an improvement to H900 heat treating it for enhanced durability.

The Optimus® provides multi-tool functionality with premium materials, workmanship, and application of technology. For end users seeking an Industry leading universal suppressor that covers 90 % of popular commercial cartridges, look no further than the new Optimus® 9mm suppressor (Gen 2).


  •  Taper Mount extension Interface 
  •  5/8x24, .30 Cal, Taper Mount EZ-Brake™ muzzle device 
  •  Universal Piston included (QD adapter not included)
  •  Booster assembly
  •  Tube body, upgraded with wrench flat design geometry
  •  ECO-FLOW™ baffle assembly
  •  Total of 3 tools, 2 flat multi-function wrenches, and one blast baffle pusher 
  •  9mm and .22cal end caps


  • Patented construction design including end cap system for user serviceability
  • Patented ECO-FLOW™ baffle system
  • Compatible with Griffin Taper Mount devices
  • Compatible with Universal QD piston system
  • Wrench flats on tube body for easier configuring
  • Supports 3-lug QD kit in 9mm
  • Supports A2/Gate-Lok™ adapter
  • Supports rifle calibers from .22 up to 300win
  • Supports Pistol calibers up to 9mm
More Information
ManufacturerGriffin Armament
Caliber5.56 NATO, 9mm, .308 Winchester
Recoil PadNo
Manufacturer Part NumberGAOPT-W
CA LegalNo
CO LegalYes
MA LegalNo
MD LegalYes
NY LegalNo
CA Prop 65Yes