ZOMBOOM! Exploding RIMFIRE Targets - 10 pack

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Zombie Industries’ RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM!™ Exploding Rifle Targets offer the same explosive fun as centerfire ZOMBOOM! at Rimfire velocities.

ZOMBOOM!™ Exploding RIMFIRE Targets - 10 pack

Exclusive Zombie Repellent Formula
10 Mini Exploding .22LR Targets

Unfortunately, the Government doesn’t take Zombie preparedness as serious as we do and has ruined the good old days… Due to possible legality issues Zombie Industries no longer sells, advertises or markets this product to customers in the following States; California, Maryland, New York and Hawaii. If you live in these states we will NOT ship to you under any cicumstance!!! For customers in other States ALWAYS check your local State laws before purchasing any exploding targets. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, nor will Zombie Industries be liable for your actions when using ZomBoom™ Exploding Targets.

Zombie Industries’ RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM!™ Exploding Rifle Targets offer the same explosive fun as centerfire ZOMBOOM! at Rimfire velocities.  They provide an easy way to help eliminate the bio-degradable material remaining after pumping hundreds of rounds into the Undead. By placing RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM! in the back of a Zombie Industries Zombie, clean-up and waste disposal will be cut by 43.2%, guaranteed!

RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM! helps you get your .22 pea shooter all dialed in for those long-range sniper shoots.  The .22 rimfire round is a real sleeper in terms of a survival round.  Being inexpensive, abundant, easy to shoot and easy to carry in large numbers.. it has been proven to be the perfect Zombie Apocalypse round!

Zombies tend to travel in packs.  An exclusive feature of our RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM! is our Zombie Repellent Formula.  Not only will RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM! help you calibrate that perfect kill-shot, once hit, RIMFIRE ZOMBOOM! emanates our special blend of aromatic chemicals that are sure to drive the remaining Undead out of the immediate area.


Be warned, ZOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Targets should NOT be used at less than 100 yards or injuries may occur! Positive impact of ZOMBOOM! while using a high-powered rifle, will create an explosion designed to help you witness that ultimate long range kill-shot. While it promotes HUGE laughs with its sonic boom, this product is not a toy, nor should it be treated as anything less than a VERY dangerous explosive, your safety depends on it!

With our perfected chemical composition, Zombie Industries’ is able to offer you the best Exploding Rifle Target on the market today and has proven to be legal in courts throughout the United States.  By mixing the oxidizers and fuels in our ZOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Targets, you are making “black powder,” an act that is legal in every state if it is used in conjunction with small arms for sporting purposes. To comply with law, you may not sell or transfer the ZOMBOOM! to any other person AFTER it is mixed, or use for any commercial reason.

ALWAYS use common sense when handling any explosive; keep a fire extinguisher ready to extinguish any fire that could be caused by the explosion, Always keep away from children, never stand closer than 100 yards when using, always check with local law enforcement to make sure you are using within the law!!!


  • 1p pack .22LR Exploding Targets.
  • Pre-weighed components (a+b) ready to be mixed by you.
  • Can be used independently of Zombie of a Zombie Industries’ Zombie.
  • Exclusive ZOMBOOM! Top-Secret Zombie repellant formula.
  • ·         Made in the USA by a Zombie-free certified facility.

Simple, LEGAL, Instructions:

Remember, the use of Zombie Industries’ ZOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Targets are permitted by law but only if used as described in the Simple, Legal, Instructions area below.  Although targets are lawful, this will not acquit you of any legal ramifications if manipulating any explosive device or product in a negligent or reckless manner. Customers have been charged with “Disturbing the Peace” as well as other crimes when using compositions of this nature, as anything OTHER than a shot indicator. DO NOT augment or make any changes to the chemical structure, as this could generate an unstable product. WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY REGARDING ANY USE OF THIS PRODUCT.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!!!  Zombie Industries’ ZOMBOOM! Exploding Targets are safe, legal, and fun.  Please use responsibly, don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Got-it?

  • Pour canister of white pellets (oxidizer) into clear mixing container.
  • Add the dark ZHR™ Catalyst (fuel) and mix well.
  • Pour the mixed, now grey, explosive powder back into the original canis

ter and seal the lid.

  Place the ZOMBOOM! Target at a minimum distance of 100 yards from anyone or anything you do not want destroyed when it explodes.

  Aim for the center of the target and shoot with a center-fire rifle round, 5.56mm (.223) or larger. Pistol rounds will not initiate these targets.

  ZOMBOOM! targets are not flammable, but may cause other near by objects to catch fire in the right conditions when exploding!!!

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