Tim Rotten Zombie Target Full Size Torso

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Bleeds pink Zombie blood!

Tim Rotten Zombie

Rotten Bleeding Zombies are a limited edition just in time for the holiday season!

They work just like our other Bleeding Zombies but utilize an incredibly realistic digital printing process.  This enables us to include a background scene that not only gives you more to shoot at, it allows the Zombie to be stapled right onto a target frame for easy mounting.

Each Patent Pending Rotten “Tim” Zombie is cloned in our San Diego, California facility and is digitally printed to accurately resemble an infected human that just finished gnawing your neighbor Zed’s leg, to give you that realistic look so you really feel the hate. What makes our Zombie’s so special?  They’re filled with biodegradable matter, which makes clean up a wee-bit easier…(are you happy, mom?) …and oh yah, let’s not  forget, they bleed and burst into little pieces of blood soaked, Zombie matter when you shoot them!

More Information
ManufacturerZMB Industries
Recoil PadNo
Manufacturer Part Number14-000-4-T