NOVX Ammo NAS3 case 9mm 65gr Engage Extreme 1,730 ft/s - 20rd Box

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For gun owners who want to protect themselves with a high-performance self-defense bullet without the additional pressure of a +P round will find everything they’re looking for in the stainless steel and poly/copper self-defense Engagement: Extreme cartridge: power, speed, efficiency, accuracy, less recoil and devastating terminal performance.

9MM LUGER Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense
65 gr
1,730 fps
432 ft-lbs

Reduced bore fouling and corrosion
Fluted poly/copper projectile creates massive wound channels
Stainless steel casing provides strength, power, alignment, and less weight
Flies fast, flat, accurate, and with less recoil for smoother target reacquisition
Ballistically matched with Cross Trainer / Competition
Increased efficiency and cycle rate
Reduced bore fouling and corrosion


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Recoil PadNo
Manufacturer Part Number9EESS-20
CA LegalYes
CO LegalYes
MA LegalYes
MD LegalYes
NY LegalYes